When You Find A Lane That’s Good For You, Stay In It

You know the guy on the side of the road in a hot dog costume with a sign pointing to your business? That’s what we do (just without the hot dog costume and we’re not on the street). 

After making a huge leap & moving across the country in Summer of 2017 from the East Coast, me and my life partner launched our digital beauty agency in the City of Angels to pursue our values and goals of a mission-driven company. One thing we have learned in our early days as a start-up, “Choice talent is not only about their hand and eye but about their passion and personality.” Our artist partners have both.

Since then, we have grown into a full-stack marketing agency that manages beauty professionals day-to-day marketing. We pilot digital solutions based on market trends and needs. Our services are designed to create and implement marketing strategies on your behalf. Having a full-service in-house marketing team allows us to create unique and high-impact content strategically designed to resonate with your potential customers. We will listen to your needs and goals, use data and creativity to optimize your marketing strategy.

You’ll save time. Stay in the zone. Do less admin & marketing work. Focus. Stay energized. Improve your Cashflow. Eliminate worry, stress and brainfog. Spend more time with your partner, children, dog, cat or just... yourself.

With our unique network and platform to create opportunities for our Artist like no other, that combines personal referrals and genuine conversations giving our clients unparalleled exposure and amplification by targeting locals in their area they never could have using tired sales techniques.

Trendsetters Agency empowers professionals to build their freelance business. Our company has been the bridge connecting beauty and wellness clients to new customers.   We're passionate about people and love to use our skills to drive growth through innovative strategies while offering ongoing resources and support.

Trendsetters Agency’s Artists and their work are the foundation of what has made this agency so extraordinary for the past 5+ years.

Trendsetters Agency will continue to strategically broker meaningful partnerships and creative collaborations among artists, clients, and projects.

When you work with Trendsetters Agency, you’re working with a team that combines market expertise with entrepreneurial innovation. Trendsetters Agency works on putting your business in front of more eyes. We believe that trust is earned through delivering results and we know that our success is defined by yours. We care to make our clients look good!

Our revolutionary partnership with Willa enterprise means the agency is steering the ship in terms of payments. Willa facilitates all our payments to creators & vendors (any freelancer) in a way that saves us time, gets us out of tax compliance, and eliminates annoying admin. On the flip side - freelancers really like being paid via Willa on behalf of our company for the same reasons (AND Willa gives them access to early pay before WE pay). 

So no more PayPal, no more ACH, no more Zelle, and no more creators/vendors worrying about payment. Willa does all the annoying stuff basically on behalf of both parties, streamlining our business partnership with YOU, the talented Artist ready to work. 

With the Cash Out feature, you get paid immediately, and don’t have to wait weeks for us or your client to pay you. And get this– the money is yours to keep even if the client doesn’t pay. 

Cash Out is available for qualified payment requests after a quick review, for a small fee.

And finally…  When the money lands in your account, you can transfer your funds anywhere you like, or put it to use immediately with the Willa Debit Card.

We have begun working with additional new Artist this year. We want to get the House Call Beauty & Say I Do Beauty name out there, develop new Artist and clients and become a house-hold name for people who love hair rebellion against conformity and mundane faces & high quality clean beauty. 

Trendsetters Agency represents an elite group of makeup artists, hair stylists, and manicurists & beauty brands.

Each with a unique story to share and what it means for them to get superfast access to their money when working for platforms such as ours.


With a stellar roster and uncompromising integrity, Trendsetters Agency builds real alliances between clients and artists.  Our experts excel at working on fashion, beauty, music, and celebrity bookings for print, motion, red carpet and new media.  

Trendsetters Agency Artists work with brands in countless ways, from brand spokespeople to trend forecasting to product development.

We look forward to our continued evolution, constantly adapting to meet and exceed our artists’ goals and clients’ needs.

Warm Regards,

Joshua Lee Beauty℠
Your Digital Beauty Concierge℠
House Call Beauty℠
Say I Do Beauty℠

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