Meet Joshua Lee Beauty, The Hairstylist Who Can Give You The Southern Charm & Charisma of South Carolina



Meet an Artist who is from the heart of the south, but has the skills of a cosmopolitan city Artist. A small town boy with a big city eye for hair and beauty. Now serving the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. 

Joshua Lee Melton or better known as Joshua Lee Beauty., calls sunny St. Petersburg, Florida home, all while traveling between coast for his loyal clientele. Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Joshua exudes a southern hospitality that warms anyone who sits in his chair and will make you feel beautiful from the moment you meet him. His speciality is all about making you feel beautiful inside and out. Joshua’s eye for hair in combination with his unique charisma assures that each client obtains a personal experience that makes them feel incredibly beautiful. It all started with a passion for hair and a passioin  for pampering. Graduating cosmetology school and getting his first assistant job before his high school graduation was one Josh’s major life accomplishments. 

Perfecting his craft at the most prestigious salon in North Carolina for the next 2 years, Josh then set out to Los Angeles to start BOOKGETREADYGO.COM in pursuit of his creative genius to further his opportunities for success and the idea to launch a H&MUA vendor network & marketplace operating company. Which is now the slogan.  As of today its now known as “SAY I DO BEAUTY”, sending highly vetted beauty professionals and wedding vendors to affluent clients homes & hotels for on-site services such as hairstyling, makeup, photographers and other wedding related vendors.

Upon moving to LA he completed an apprenticeship with Umberto salon in Beverly Hills, where he expanded his knowledge and house call clientele all while fine-tuning his talent for cutting and coloring hair. His talent and creative eye for hair has led to a successful place in the industry with a loyal clientele base in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood & Charleston.

Joshua Lee’s artistic approach to hair inspires clients to try new looks and trust his expertise for a look that is sure to give them confidence and make them feel their absolute best.

Pulling inspiration from various interests such as architecture, high fashion, and his travels around the world, Joshua Lee approaches hair styling as an art form. His methods are highly focused around clean lines and tight precision with the idea of changing a client’s look without compromising their transformative comfort level.

When you land yourself in the chair of a hairdresser, you are putting your head—and by extension, significant aspects of your life—in the stylist’s hands.

From small town southern hospitality to extensive LA hair training & his unique talent. Joshua Lee is a guy you’d do well to trust with your head of hair. Hairstyling is not a job for this man. It is his life’s passion. 

“My love for hair is grounded in my desire to make people feel and look better,” says Josh. “For me, doing hair is an art form. I work with my hands and sculpt in a way that will benefit my clients’ head shape, facial features and lifestyle.”

Cutting hair dry is what Josh does 98% of the time because of the natural effect it has. “My approach is focused on knowing the cowlicks, hair growth patterns and natural fall of the hair. That’s the reason I do dry cuts—to get the natural fall and movement of the hair, and finally the haircut grows out beautifully into the look we want, I can also see split ends and if there are any, this allows me to trim them down,” he explains. “Most people wear their hair in its dry state, so I cut it that way.” Nothing says, “I just cut my hair” like a straight, harsh line, so to avoid this, Josh cuts into the hair to create variation and give the cut a broken in look like a new pair of jeans.

Joshua Lee’s philosophy is unique: He works from the inside out. Not only does he tend to the top of his clients’ heads—he gets inside of them, too! Establishing a rapport with people is critical to what he does, getting a sense of his clients, their lifestyles and personalities, which he adapts to the cuts and styles he fashions for their hair.

“It’s all about listening and understanding in what the clients want,” says Josh, “providing the service in a professional manner to not only make them feel comfortable, look better and most importantly build their confidence, but to have them come back and begin building that relationship through trust and loyalty … all because of one amazing experience in my chair!”


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