Apparently, We Only Need To Wash Three Of Our Body Parts

Taking regular showers is very important, obviously, for many individuals. Some people shower in the morning, before they start their day, to wake themselves up and get ready for what is ahead (and go to work smelling fresh).

They find showers to be like an "alarm clock" of energy. Other people, however, like to shower at night. Showering at night gets them ready to go to bed and relaxes them entirely. Most people, overall, like to shower every day.

Honestly, showering is the best part of my day.

Whether it's in the morning or at night, I know that I feel better showering at least once a day. It's important to me (and others) to be as clean as possible and prevent any odors from coming out of me.

And I love, LOVE, washing my hair.

Aside from washing their bodies, many individuals shower every day to wash their hair and ensure the grease and dirt are washed out and cleaned.

No one wants to walk around with a greasy head of hair that glistens in the sunlight. Too much grease looks pretty bad. Take it from me.

Despite our desire to shower often, apparently, it's not good for us.

We may think that showering every day is something that we have to do, but in reality, it's actually not good for us.


As it turns out, showering every day isn't great for our bodies. And, apparently, when we shower, we shouldn't be washing everything every single time.

Experts recommend that we shower less, not more.

While many people shower every day or even every other day, experts recommend that showering twice a week is all you truly need. In fact, showering twice a week can cure many problems that people may face in their everyday lives.

Showering too much can harm your skin.


Sandy Skotnicki, MD shared that the twice-a-week shower routine can cure rough, dry skin.

Using harsh soaps on sensitive skin can make it rough, dry, and flakey. In addition, showering too often can harm the important oils and bacteria that are in your skin to help fight things off.

You can also dry out your hair.

Showering too often and shampooing too much can harm your hair and cause it to dry out. In addition, your hair will become greasy and weighed down, making it heavy and flat.

Instead, washing your hair two times a week is better than every day.

It will also keep your hair healthy and soft.

Obviously, for people with really oily hair, they may have to adjust how often they wash their hair.

When you do shower, experts say you should only wash three parts of your body.

It may sound crazy, but it's true. Doctors say you really need to only wash three major parts of your body, but when you do, to make sure that you get them scrubbed and focus on them more than anything.

IF you do, your shower time should cut down, even saving water.

I have to admit: I'm a bit wary, but I'll let it slide until I finish telling you all this before I give my own opinion.

First, make sure you get your armpits.

For those worrying about body odor and issues, you want to make sure you are focusing on your armpits

A lot of bacteria can breed there, so washing with soap is important. You can avoid any bacteria build-up by wearing deodorant regularly, as well.

Next, wash your groin area.

Male or female, focusing on your private area is key. This is a vital move and important in overall health. Making sure that you clean all areas helps you to avoid ingrown hairs and also any fungal infections.

For women, yeast infections can occur when you do not wash enough, or properly.

Last, but not least, your feet.

Not everyone washes their feet in the shower because the water and soap drip down and hit their feet throughout their shower process. That's not enough.

It's important to scrub.

By really getting into your skin (just try not to damage it) you can prevent ingrown hairs, ingrown toenails, and also avoid athlete's foot from the moisture of shoes and socks.

So, now you know!

I can only speak for myself when I say that I will continue to wash my entire body. I am too much of a clean freak to let any of it slide. No matter how many studies I see!


Warm Regards,

Joshua Lee Beauty℠

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