Worry-Free Guarantee

Worry-Free Guarantee

Booking your event through Say I Do Beauty offers you extra protection you can't get anywhere else. You can rest easy knowing that your payment is secure and we'll have your back in the event of any trouble that may occur. This is our Worry-Free Guarantee!


When you book on Say I Do Beauty, you get:



Complete security

Any payment you make through Say I Do Beauty is 100% secure. We use bank-level security for all credit card transactions and never store your card or bank account information, making your transaction completely safe. Additionally, we use HTTPS across the whole site, have a firewall on all our servers, run quarterly security audits, and maintain PCI compliance.



Payment protection

In the unfortunate event that a vendor cancels or does not show up for your event, we can ensure you will receive a full refund for your booking.



Amazing service

If there are any other concerns, problems, or issues with your Say I Do Beauty experience, our amazing Customer Happiness team will be glad to help you. From the first quote request to the final booking, we will be there every step of the way. If your vendor cancels on you, we will do everything in our power to find a replacement as quickly as possible. We want to ensure your event is truly unforgettable. So contact us for anything you need!