How to Practice Self-Care When Your Country Doesn’t Care About You

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Self-care is extremely important, especially when the country you’re living in doesn’t care for you at all. So if you’re Black, queer, a woman, or all of the above, then keep reading for the best ways to care for yourself when your country couldn’t care less about you!

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Try out these alternatives to a quick wellness regimen.


Do a face mask.

A cucumber sheet mask won’t necessarily take away the constant racism, sexism, and/or homophobia that you face every day, but it will make your skin look and feel super wet! What more could you ask for, you know, besides your government’s acknowledgement of your own humanity?


Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.

Decompress from the trauma you went through today as a marginalized person in America by running a nice hot bubble bath, and don’t forget the essential oils! Also, remember to do this as often as you can, because you’re gonna have to get up and go through it all again tomorrow. Rub a dub dub!


When the real world is a constant waking nightmare, sometimes the best escape is to take a moment and dive into your own thoughts, as long as you try not to think about why you’re doing it in the first place, which is because you heard a record number of microaggressions today and also the government just took another one of your rights away. Just be mindful about the birds chirping outside or some shit!


Take a nap.

Getting in some extra zz’s can take you from 0 to 100 in just a few hours. After all, you can’t be persecuted in your dreams! So when you inevitably get tired from how this country treats you like trash every day, grab a pillow and snuggle up! Just think of it as a little break from the fascist nightmare that this country has always been and continues to be.

Everyone knows that self-care is super important, especially when it costs money. So if you’re wondering how to take care of yourself when your country doesn’t care about you at all, then try out some of the tips above to give yourself some love while the country wages war on your whole ass existence! Also, while you’re at it, why not give journaling a shot?


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