Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtains! But Really Who Is Bradley?

Managing multiple brands takes many hats! From Co-founder and day-to-day brand manager to strategist and content creator, you can find Bradley wearing many hats. It takes a small village to run @joshualeebeauty & our collective of brands. Managing 5+ brands means balancing traditional and digital marketing. It’s always about putting our customers first.

Bradley has been working in communications since 15 years old. Working for Christian-based call center that received calls for over 180 ministries world-wide from Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker to Joseph Prince & Love A Child. It’s important to do what you love. And talking to people is what he loves. 
It’s awesome to see so many of you coming out of the last 2 challenging years with your businesses intact and your customers ready and waiting for you. We’ve loved every minute of working with you.
We love and thank you for the time and attention you’ve contributed to this community. It has been a privilege to serve so many truly authentic brands and help bring some new customers your way.

What is Verbal Identity?

A Verbal Identity is the articulation of your brand through the use of distinct and focused language, entirely expressed through words. It’s not by accident that some employers call their employees members or partners. The words a business uses can be tailored to specific syllables, and every detail results in a range of variances. Businesses have to express their identity through their workers and consumers. This calls for customs, style, and verbal etiquette (otherwise known as “tone of voice”).

Verbal Identity makes you stand out and get noticed. While this may seem fairly obvious on paper, defining and determining your brand’s Verbal Identity is one of the most critical aspects of your Brand Platform. In addition, by developing your voice ensures that you have the right words for, response to, and knowledgeable foresight into your brand’s challenges.

Instead of ignored emails and silent social media, make engaging impacts and statements with every new communication

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