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Whether you’re still dealing with the fallout of a failed hairstyle you tried over quarantine or you’re completely bored of your signature look, summer is the perfect time to get out of your hair rut. Warmer weather has traditionally meant lighter, shorter locks but this summer there’s a new class of bold and exciting hair trends taking over. From fantasy dye jobs to bombshell curtain bangs


If you do one thing with your hair this summer, keep it wavy. The ultimate beach babe look, the wavy shag allows you to keep your hair light and low maintenance making it perfect for a summer of socializing “This summer, we are going to see fresh, shoulder-length shags styled with a wave or curl


With brighter days ahead and the hopeful re-emergence from lockdown, people will be ready to shed some weight in their hair.


A Sleek square bob cut just may be the first step to having a hot girl summer. Short hair is notoriously chic in the past few months, so it’s a no brainer that this iconic haircut will be a go-to this summer. If you really want to take the heat up a notch Feekaik recommends adding bangs.


Summer is the perfect time to return to what feels natural, so if you’ve been considering doing a big chop, now is the time. “Some think of this as a major start over-and it is, it's also the perfect time to think of all of this new hair as a blank canvas. It’s an opportunity to feed and care for your scalp and keep your fresh hair nourished as you wear your new style. 


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