The 10 Best Ways to Get Beautiful in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Hair and beauty services can get expensive, especially if you don’t live in or near a big city where the best salons are located. If you want to keep up with your hair and beauty routines without spending too much money, consider in-home beauty services that are less costly than going to the salon every week or two. Read on to learn more about eight of the best ways to get beautiful in the comfort of your own home.


1) Waxing
While waxing offers longer-lasting results than shaving, it isn’t exactly painless. In fact, most salons will apply a topical anesthetic or cooling gel before getting started, which means you won’t feel anything at all during a wax. For best results, ask your esthetician about microblading (aka eyebrow embroidery), where they etch brow hairs with tiny needles and fill them with pigment. The process is only slightly painful—but for some people that’s a good thing, since the more sensitive you are, [the more] likely [your hair follicles] are to absorb color better, says Michele Lewin , celebrity aesthetician and cofounder of Spa Rouge . The end result is darker eyebrows that can last up to three years.
2) Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is one of the best (and most popular) at-home beauty treatments. It’s a relatively painless process that removes unwanted hair with a laser, which targets and destroys your hair follicles. At-home kits are not quite as effective as professional ones, but they can still give you good results if you know what you’re doing.
3) Facials
If you’re looking for a facial at home, there are lots of great ways to get a facial done. The best way is by going to an actual salon and getting one professionally done. But we know that’s not always possible. If you don’t have a salon near you or aren’t able to go when they’re open, there are other great alternatives!
4) Pedicures
There are tons of pedicure options out there, from DIY at-home solutions to professional treatments that can be done in a salon. Whichever option you choose, pedicures are an important part of any beauty routine and can be done as often as you’d like. Plus, they provide an opportunity for pampering – which is a win for your health! Research suggests that getting a pedicure regularly reduces stress levels and improves self-esteem.
5) Teeth Whitening
A painless way to get pearly whites is by using teeth whitening products. These are available over-the-counter, and they’re a fairly simple process: you simply brush your teeth with toothpaste mixed with activated charcoal powder and you’ll see results within two weeks. (Note: It will not work as well if you have any fillings or caps on your teeth.) Read More.
6) Massage
Having someone take care of your back, feet, or face can make you feel like royalty. After a hard day at work, there’s something immensely relaxing about having someone else rub and press on tired muscles. This is why massage therapists are some of the most popular beauty service providers—many people pay good money for massages simply because they enjoy them. If you need a little relaxation time after work or just feel like giving yourself a treat, get a professional massage therapist to visit your home.
7) Threading
Threading is an ancient art that can be traced back over 4,000 years. Threading involves using a thread (often made from cotton) on a special kind of threading tool to remove unwanted hair from your face and body.  Although it’s not as well-known as waxing or sugaring, threading can be more effective at removing fine hairs than these methods. Like waxing, threading doesn’t require any water or other preparation like shaving does – just take it out and go! The results are also long lasting; you won’t need to see a professional for months after you try threading. Additionally, there are no scents or harsh chemicals used with threading so if you have sensitive skin issues then you might want to give it a try.
8) Hair Dusting

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