What is Hair Dusting & Conditioning?

Hair Conditioning:

Is the process of removing product buildup from your hair & scalp with a conditioning clarifying shampoo and scalp treatment in order to refresh your style and eliminate any greasy or sticky residue that can weigh your hair down, making it look dull and lifeless.

Hair Dusting:

Add face framing-detail to your look with a bang trim or hair dusting, a method of trimming dead ends without having to part with lots of length. You can think of it as a more minor version of a trim. 

Hair dusting refers to a technique used by stylists to remove undesired weight or bulk from sections of hair, creating a lighter feel in combination with layers. Hair-dusting techniques vary based on stylist preference, but most often include pulling out sections of hair that have been layered and then cutting them with scissors.

This results in a noticeable change in how thick your locks look. If you’re looking for more volume at your roots, try a few one-inch snips around your part line—the effect will make all of your strands appear more voluminous without making your hair appear shorter overall. For those seeking thinner ends, section off an inch or two at the ends of damp curls and then snip away. Hair dusting should be done every few weeks as needed, so you can keep your hair looking and feeling as healthy as possible while using less products each day.

Advantages of Hair Dusting

Hair dusting has several advantages over other hairstyling techniques. One, it leaves your hair relatively untouched, so you can style your hair yourself or easily try a new hairstyle with just one visit to a professional stylist. Two, it’s easy to maintain—you don’t have to color and cut your hair regularly as you would with other styles. Three, it gives a totally natural look that will never look fake or put-on.Four, because it highlights your natural texture and body of hair rather than straightening it, you won’t need to worry about any heat damage like split ends. Five, when done right by an expert stylist such as those at your favorite salon or barbershop, hair dusting makes thinning hair seem fuller and makes thick locks seem thinner without looking unnatural or overdone. Six...what was I saying again? Oh yes: six! Hair dusting makes you look great every day of the week!

Disadvantages of Hair Dusting

Hair Dusting is a slow process. It takes a lot of time to get all of your loose hairs because you have to go over your head twice just like a regular haircut and it's still possible that you might miss some hairs. Thats why it's important to have an expert perform this service.

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