Which Dry Shampoo Type Is Right for Your Hair Type? Hairstylists Weigh In

hether you use it on the daily or only in don't-have-time-to-shower situations, dry shampoo is a hair-care staple for most of us. While I'm not complaining about the robust number of dry shampoo products out there, deciding on one that you love and that works for your hair can feel overwhelming, fast.

Long gone are the days when dry shampoo came only as a powder spray. Although there's nothing wrong with a tried-and-true classic, sometimes your hair needs more. Dry shampoos are not one size fits all, and that's true whether you're talking about hair color, texture, or even what shape your hair is in (i.e. did you just work out or maybe just went a few days without a wash?).

Never fear: Mark DeBolt and Ryan Trygstad, the duo behind the celeb-frequented Mark Ryan Salon in New York City, are here to shed some light on the best dry shampoos for your hair. Ultimately, finding one you love requires some trial and error. You may even need multiple products to tackle specific types of hair days or based on the season. "We think it's a process of finding what works best for your hair type and your goals in using a dry shampoo coupled with fragrance, and application method," the stylists say.

Read on below to learn which dry shampoo type is best for you.


Powder Dry Shampoo



Best for: fine hair, lighter hair colors

If you like the idea of an aerosol spray powder but want something easier on the environment, a powder shampoo is the one for you. Powder dry shampoo is also good for people with finer hair textures, according to DeBolt and Trygstad. “They offer more lift and are also great for lighter natural colors. You can often see the powder and it can make a brunettes root look dull or dusty,” they say.


Aerosol Powder Spray



Best for: most hair types, especially normal to oily

This is the classic dry shampoo that’s probably already hanging around your bathroom. It’s the easiest one to use, according to the pros, since it’s a simple “spray, brush, and go” situation. There are many different types of aerosol powder dry shampoos out there that vary in the exact ingredients and formulas. Most do contain a powder, so if you’d rather avoid that or your hair is on the dry side, check for “conditioning” or “shine-enhancing” on the bottle.


Dry Shampoo Mist



Best for: oily hair

For oily-looking roots (and if you are okay with breaking out the blow dryer), the stylists love Spiritualized by R+Co. The powder mist works well for absorbing oil and making the hair look really fresh, according to DeBolt and Trygstad. “You must shake the bottle very well and mist at the root,” they say. “A great tip is to spray it at the root area, wait 10 seconds and blow dry the root. It absorbs the oil and makes your hair look as fresh as when it was first styled.”

Dry Shampoo Mousse



Best for: curly hair, thick hair

If you’re staying away from powder but want to refresh curly or thicker hair, dry shampoo mousse is the solution for refreshing hair without drying it out. Although it may not always work for oily or sweaty hair, you can experiment with a mousse if you feel that powders or sprays are drying or leave too much buildup. Speaking of buildup: “After a few days of using dry shampoo, be certain to thoroughly wash your hair,” DeBolt and Trygstad say. “We recommend doing two shampoos to remove any product buildup and make sure your scalp is clean and happy.”

 Dry Shampoo Gel/Serum

Lovesong Beauty Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel — $25.00


Best for: dry hair, itchy scalp, and/or dandruff

Although gel isn’t a mainstream category of dry shampoo (yet) I can’t leave out Lovesong Beauty Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel. It’s my go-to after a workout, when my roots are extra sweaty but the rest of my hair needs moisture. This serum makes my scalp feel clean, not like I’m just adding more gunk or buildup. I usually apply it mainly to my scalp and swipe the remaining product over the top of my hair through the ends. Then I blow dry after applying (or let it air dry) and my scalp actually feels clean. Even better, the serum leaves makes my hair look smoother than before I worked out. If you hate the feeling of powder shampoo in your hair, this gel is your new BFF.


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